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These softwares are amateur work distributed in the hope of being useful. Please read the disclaimercoming along the programs.


Module File Checksum (MD5)
Windows version (with installer) Genpopu 64 Windows (auto install) 2aa21acf44c5f3165cb847b8e5fbe8f2
Windows version 32 bits (zipped) Genpopu 32 Windows 74ea710c08c7e3d36cadb50909a90c31
Windows version 64 bits (zipped) Genpopu 64 Windows 10703924db281240e36142c5ace97f2f
deb package for Linux (64 bits)((Ubuntu 14.04)) Genpopu Linux 64 313969791e40267af0d66cc8d66de118
deb package for Linux (32 bits) (Ubuntu 14.04) Genpopu Linux 32 000f6bdee76fa816a50f8b79eff60642
deb package for Linux (64 bits)((Ubuntu 18.04)) Genpopu Linux 64 cf037aa995d5b8d747e78998e9505f06
Version Dos (68 ko) Genpopu DOS bd5bea8d825bbe816cdcad576c8a39fe
Sources (C++) Sources C++ 6a20d1b47205c81449a7264250c6a845

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