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These softwares are amateur work distributed in the hope of being useful. Please read the disclaimercoming along the programs.


Module File Checksum (MD5)
Windows version (with installer) batanav Windows 64 (auto install) 15b1b229946fb8bea2d2bef10505c9f9
Windows version 32 bits (zipped) batanav 32 Windows 61ccf215f011301e8041e7ebc17930c5
Windows version 64 bits (zipped) batanav 64 Windows 49da690f1d384587056d4c19b303d9fc
deb package for Linux (64 bits) (Ubuntu 14.04)) batanav Linux 64 24d80cbc4291fcfc90f256c342af728a
deb package for Linux (32 bits) (Ubuntu 14.04) batanav Linux 32 d19cc125a37c4fa279c22bf3375c09f3
deb package for Linux (64 bits)((Ubuntu 18.04)) batanav Linux 64 e3269cdfb6f473ad498ca6fb6648153b
Sources (C++) Sources C++ e343a40710b8b7b0f6c704697a4fa9cf

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