This software is open source (under GNUGPL licence)

The output values are rough approximations and don't have any claim to exactitude. Please read the disclaimer coming along the programs.


Module File Checksum (MD5)
Windows version (zip) PuissPPV Windows 9e3eb813d38a875761698c0916b2336f
deb package for Linux (64 bits)((Ubuntu 14.04)) PuissPPV Linux 64 0ae61469a352e72eccebee1073a24ed6
deb package for Linux (32 bits) (Ubuntu 14.04) PuissPPV Linux 32 f046d1f80964abd24cad98c60047374e
deb package for Linux (64 bits)((Ubuntu 18.04)) PuissPPV Linux 64 a1ede779cdc7f2a334ddae8c8d0c0936
Sources (C++) Sources C++ 4ced9b41d0c88b047ddc96e1c8955eaf

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